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Resources: Making TaleBlazer Games

Getting Started

New to TaleBlazer? Here are some resources to get you started making games.

  • In-Editor Tutorials: Go to ww.TaleBlazer.org and click "Login/Register" (in the upper right) to begin. You must login or create a new account to use the TaleBlazer editor. Once logged in, click "Create a Game" to launch the Editor. Click the question mark in the upper right to access the built-in tutorials.
  • Downloadable Resources:Click the links below to download additional documentation.

General Resources

Documentation - our user manual, including key terms and basic concepts in TaleBlazer. Updated March 2014.

Introduction Tutorial - a brief introduction to the TaleBlazer Editor.

Game Mechanics Tutorial - a quick look at some of the many game mechanics available in the TaleBlazer game platform.

Game Worksheet - a checklist to help you design your game.

Best Practices - tips and recommendations to write a 'good' TaleBlazer game.